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Welcome to Seeds Flower. Here you can learn how to grow seeds for your different types of trees including flowers, fruits, vegetables, Bonsai and other trees.

Seed is the key element for any kind of plant because this contains high amount of protein, oil reserves as well as starch which help for the early development of a plant to grow healthy.

There are a number of tips for you to grow flower seeds:

1) Keep your flower seed to its favorable weather for growing and get a proper timing for sowing your flower seed

2) Find a right container to grow your flower seed

3) Prepare potting soil is helpful to grow flower seed because this makes seed moist not crumbly

4) Moisten the new planted flower seed as this moist the seed before germination. This helps to make the plant green and healthy from seed.

5) Effective water and feed maintenance are necessary for proper flower seed growing. This is essential to give water to seed on time and also feed liquid fertilizer on regular basis

6) Light is the important thing for growing flower seed. If flower seed does not get enough light, then this becomes weak and leggy. However, some flower seeding need darkness.

7) Move the seed outdoor is necessary for growing flower seed. In this case, hardening off is a good process where cold frame is a place for hardening off plant.

So, these are some basic tips to grow your flower seeds. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the comment section.